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Ladies and Gentlemen…“The Carbonara”

Aggiornamento: 7 mag 2021

With the first seasonal colds, you immediately think of a timeless recipe, good all year round, but with a cool temperature outside, something that warms the soul and heart is certainly better to taste ... We are talking about "Carbonara" Pasta alla carbonara is one of the most representative dishes of Italian cuisine, an emblematic recipe that fully sums up its philosophy: with a few, simple, splendid ingredients it is possible to make a masterpiece dish. Carbonara is a pasta seasoned with browned bacon, pepper, pecorino cheese and eggs beaten with more pepper, which must be cooked with the heat of the pasta in a pan. According to some, its origins date back to the Carbonari of the Lazio Apennines (hence the name "carbonara"). They used to eat it, as well as for the goodness of the palate, above all because its ingredients were easy to find and store. According to others, carbonara pasta was created by a Neapolitan cook and scholar, Ippolito Cavalcanti, who published the recipe in one of his books. Still others argue that the recipe was born in the Second World War, with the arrival of the Americans (and bacon) in Rome. The quantity of eggs is the point on which lovers of Roman carbonara divide: there are those who use only the yolks and add only one whole egg at the end, those who use one egg each and an additional yolk, who only whole eggs . We offer you the ingredients to make the original Roman recipe. The Carbonara cooked by our Chef "Pia" in our Home Restaurant "HomEitaly" is unique, what is special about it, you are wondering ?! Well come and try it and you will find out for yourself. An Antique plate in a modern version ... It is an explosion in the mouth as some customers define it. Seeing is believing!!!

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