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A Timeless Classic ... The "Tiramisu"

Aggiornamento: 7 mag 2021

Many fathers and confused legends around the birth of the most classic of Italian desserts. Which, in reality, was born in Treviso in 1970. Starting from a sort of zabaglione, the sbatudin. But with some influence coming from neighboring regions. It's so good it's like it's been there forever. It is the Italian dessert par excellence. The original recipe The ingredients are mascarpone, eggs, sugar, ladyfingers, coffee and cocoa powder. It is necessary to whip egg yolks and sugar, then add the mascarpone and the whipped egg whites. Soak the ladyfingers in the coffee and alternate with the layers of egg cream and mascarpone, sprinkling with cocoa at the end. Key point, the cream. Which must remain soft and abundant, without being completely absorbed by the ladyfingers. Every family and every chef has their original recipe, perhaps personalized with a few touches to make it better. In the "HomEitaly" Home Restaurant, Chef Pia opted for an innovative version, which for many is certainly among the best ever eaten. The Chef has decided to combine the original recipe but in a modern version. Our customers from all over the world to eat this culinary excellence, call it a cloud with a warm heart, others an explosion in the mouth, others close their eyes and enjoy without speaking. Yes, because our version is really crazy and out of the ordinary. Recipe? That is secret… but if you come and taste it maybe we will let you discover it !!!

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