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The Boutique & Gourmet Guest House “HomEItaly Civitavecchia” is the first B&B and Home Restaurant in Civitavecchia.  It is located in the heart of Civitavecchia, opposite the Port and just 3 minutes away from the beaches “La Marina” and “Pirgo” and 600 metres from the railway station.  Animals are welcome and WIFI is free!

Our history

My story starts from Puglia, a wonderful region where the food and wine and tourist culture has a very high level. Already at the beginning of the 90s/2000s, still a child, I used to go around the kitchen of Mamma Linda and her aunts, observing and learning... and this is how my love for cooking began. Growing up I attended cooking and pastry classes, to increase my skills, and then there was the meeting with Marco, in 2015, and thanks to this new love..... we gave life to this very beautiful reality like the B&B, then the Home Restaurant and cooking courses for our customers. Today I am both a Chef and a Professional Pastry Chef. And i'm the First Cook in Italy  of the Slow Food Alliance for a Home Restaurant.


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My story goes back a long way.   About 15 years ago I opened one of the first B&Bs in Civitavecchia with a friend and it was “a dream come true”.

My first love was Pia, my girlfriend and chef at the Home Restaurant, my second one being the Boutique&Gourmet Guest House “HomEItaly”.  Its name, the creation of the B&B and the Home Restaurant were only the beginning as the aim was to make them grow into one of the finest hotel accommodations and facilities in Italy


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Details& Gallery e

HomEitaly offers guests a warm gastronomical welcome and the joy of living amid Italian beauty and taste. Here is a glimpse of what our days offer.