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Home Restaurant: yes we can… HomEitaly!!!

Updated: May 7, 2021

L’Home Restaurant, translated: 'Restaurant in the house'. Private catering consists in making one's home a small restaurant, or rather, a place to open to friends, relatives, simple acquaintances or external users to offer them the menu of the house, in the true sense of the word so that they will have the opportunity to experience the original cuisine of places usually frequented or on the occasion of a trip. The trend started in 2006 with guerrilla restaurants in New York, and then spread to the United Kingdom in 2009 as well. Thanks to social networks, fashion has spread like wildfire giving rise to the birth of New York Supper Clubs, Cuban private houses and Home Restaurants. A passion, that of cooking, which can be transformed into a real business by respecting certain rules established by the law of each country. The Home Restaurants are the added value of the discovery of a territory thanks to the typical recipes made with local products by the hands of grandmothers, mothers, aunts, friends and friends who turn into chefs and offer, in their own home, opportunities to meet, exchange and a lot, a lot of quality and respect for tradition. Also in Civitavecchia in 2019 the first and exclusive Home Restaurant "HomEitaly" was born The creator Marco with his partner (as well as Chef of the Home Restaurant) have created the first restaurant at Casa for the customers of the accommodation facility only for now, but very soon they will open the doors to all those who love homemade cuisine , at km 0, with passion and love. They are all exclusive creations for our customers, says Marco. A truly magazine-worthy location, small but very nice for a few close friends. We wanted to focus on the high quality of food, service and environment. Something that is hard to find outside. Today to be competitive you have to differentiate yourself. The two delicacies not to be missed ?! The “HomEitaly” Plate: Homemade fettuccine, heart of cherry tomatoes, stracciatella di Andria and Basil. For many, this dish embodies the Italian spirit not only in the colors, it is a real explosion of flavors in the mouth. And for those who love sweets, we create a Tiramisu with a warm heart ... something unique. Home made is and will be our extra weapon ... to delight the palates of customers from all over the world. We are waiting for you !!!

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