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Face to face with PIA and MARCO

Updated: May 7, 2021

Six rooms, we are the staff, large numbers in terms of customers who can be welcomed. Behind this Guest House and Boutique there is a living organism, made from the heart and soul that we put for our customers.

First of all, the owner Maria Pia Inchingolo, who has been managing Homeitaly for two years. Maria Pia, having inherited the responsibility of a Guest House already started and set according to certain parameters, has set herself a challenge: to mess up the cards on the table, reshuffle them and make the game more interesting and less obvious. There are many strategies implemented and many still in a drawer, ready to be pulled out by this passionate woman eager to share a new idea of ​​hospitality. Marco Leopardo, historical creator of the B&B HomEitaly Civitavecchia about 5 years ago. After passing them, he hands them over to his life and business partner. He undertook the activity of creating and creating the first and exclusive Home Resaturant in Civitavecchia inside the structure. For Maria Pia, “Pia” for everyone, the most demanding challenge is to make her guest feel as if she were at a friend's house, a welcoming and always open place in which to feel at ease at all times. For this reason, each service that is offered can be customized according to the wishes of those who request it. Flexibility is the key word, without ever forgetting the quality of raw materials, preparations and service. The products you find on your plates and on the breakfast buffet are chosen with extreme care, as you would for your closest friends. "We gladly share the fruits of our land and the genuine treasures of our territory with our guests, and we love to do so". To be able to tailor the ideal holiday for everyone, Pia is studying common areas where events and special occasions will take place, to give special and unforgettable moments to those who choose the HomEitaly Guest House and Boutique for their stay in Civitavecchia. The HomEitaly Guest House is becoming a multifunctional center, guided by an inclusive but multitasking philosophy: families with children, couples, but also business customers. Here we go beyond the classic receptivity of a non-hotel structure. One of all, the possibility of a candlelit dinner in the exclusive Home Resaturant, animal lovers are happy to be able to stay with their faithful friend in tow. Many other projects are boiling in the pot - and in the mind of Pia but above all of Marco, valid support and forge of ideas - to personalize and refine the accommodation offer more and more. Among the most interesting initiatives, we can anticipate some gems: the new homemade brand ...

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