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The Magic and Benefits of Salt Lamps

The salt lamps are real lamps, with a wooden base on which rests the body made of rock salt from the Himalayas and with a dimmer.

Thanks to the Himalayan tradition, pink salt lamps are currently more and more popular in Western culture, created by carving large slabs of rock salt from the Himalayan mountains that have been formed in more than 250 million years in the Himalayan mines.

And thanks to the slow drying up of the sea and the simultaneous elevation of the mountain range. Himalayan pink salt has particularly beneficial properties for man, therefore it is a real panacea for health, both when it is used in cooking and in special lamps, which release negative ions in the air.

Many people who are in closed environments and use electrical appliances and other electronic devices cause the increase of electromagnetic waves in the air. These waves are the source of many annoyances, including: drowsiness, lack of concentration and sense of exhaustion.

The salt lamps are able to counteract the presence of these fields in the air. Specifically, they generate negative ions that neutralize the positive ones present in the environment; they are able to purify the air and absorb moisture; and last but not least, they also have a chromotherapeutic function, that is, they always create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Precisely because the salt lamps are able to give a soft light restful, they are also widely used in wellness centers.

Salt lamps are rich in mineral salts and negative ions that are released into the environment, thanks to the heat induced by the light source inside them.

The release of negative ions counteracts the harmful effects of positive ions, thus promoting concentration, improving mood, reducing stress, increasing physical and mental energy, and compensating for deficiencies induced by daily activities.

Salt lamps are also an important means of counteracting the smell of smoke and the negative effects of combustion products and, in addition, provide relief in certain morbid conditions such as sinusitis, asthma and allergies.

Among other things, in fact, the lamps are able to absorb moisture without drying out the air, making it consequently cleaner and healthier.

At the same time, the light emitted with its amber tones, muffled and warm has a positive effect on the person: according to the principles of color therapy, the color orange has beneficial and liberating properties on physical and mental abilities, since it is able to induce serenity, optimism, greater synergy body - mind.

In fact, the color orange recalls in a sense the glow of the sun, which is a source of life and energy.

Let's try to summarize briefly, all the beneficial effects of the salt lamp.

Increased concentration

Improvement of immune defenses

Improvement of allergies and inflammatory states of the respiratory system

Slowing down of the cellular aging process

Protection from electromagnetism

Control of humidity in the environment

The use of salt lamps is recommended for about 5-6 hours per day. It is good that the salt is very hot so that it can perform its function and it is recommended not to turn on and off the lamp several times to take full advantage of its properties.

The liberation of ions, moreover, also occurs long after the lamp has been turned off, that is until it has cooled down completely.

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