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Italian Champagne

REGION > Friuli Venezia Giulia

€ 90.00

VARIETY > Chardonnay


Deep straw yellow in color, it has a scent of wildflowers, bread crust and Golden apple. The flavor is dry, soft and pleasantly ripe.



Match with all types of dishes, except desserts. Excellence reaches it with fish-based foods.


Franciacorta Brut Cuvée Imperiale

REGION > Lombardy

€ 70.00

VARIETY > Chardonnay (90%) and Pinot Nero (10%)


soft and abundant foam, with subtle and persistent perlage. Color: straw yellow with light green reflections. Bouquet: rich and persistent bouquet, with fruity and floral notes, subtle aromas of yeast and bread crust. Taste: full, clean, with a pleasant and decisive fruity and acidulous note.



Ideal as an aperitif, suitable for all types of appetizers and to accompany fish, rice, pasta, white meats, tasty fish and fresh cheeses.


Ferrari Spumante

REGION > Trentino

€ 70.00

VARIETY > 30% Corvinone 15% Rondinella 5% Cabernet


Lively bright straw yellow. The perlage is fine and persistent. Bouquet: Fresh and intense bouquet, with a wide fruity note of ripe golden apple, white flowers and a delicate fragrance of yeast, given by the more than two years of aging in the bottle. Taste: Harmonious and balanced, with a slight aftertaste of ripe fruit and pleasant sensations of bread crust.


Excellent as an aperitif. It goes perfectly with appetizers such as Parma ham and fior di latte mozzarella.


Prosecco DOC Extra dry Zonin

REGION > Veneto

€ 40.00

VARIETY > 100% Nebbiolo


Pleasantly intense bouquet, very fruity, slightly aromatic, with a hint of wisteria flowers. A basically dry flavor, very pleasant to drink, with a very light aftertaste of almond tone typical of the Glera grape.



Excellent as an aperitif, it can then accompany the entire meal, including dessert, when the menu offers dishes not too rich in sauces or sauces. It is also delicious between meals.

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